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Grim memories and bad flashbacks

get a grip; maintain.

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Just before lunch one day, A puppet show was put on at school. It was called "Mr. Bungle goes to lunch." It was fun to watch. In the puppet show Mr. Bungle came to the boys room on his way to lunch. He looked at his hands, his hands were dirty, and his hair was messey. But Mr. Bungle didnt stop to wash his hands, or comb his hair. He went right to lunch (kids laughing in background). Then instead of getting into line at the lunch room, Mr. Bungle pushed everyone aside and went right to the front (kids laughing in background). Even though this made the children laugh, no one thought that was a fair thing to do. Then in the lunch room, Mr. Bungle was so clumsey and impolite that he knocked over everything, no one wanted to sit next to him. And when he finally knocked his own tray off the table. That was the end of the puppet show. The children knew that even though Mr. Bungle was funny to watch, he wouldnt be much fun to eat with. Phil knew that Mr. Bungle wouldnt have many friends. He wouldnt want to be like Mr. Bungle.

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